Create Your Own & Cut-Length Service

Our museum archive of predominantly British designs and fabrics reaches back to the 1950s. It is an invaluable source of inspiration for our creativity that we decided to open and make available to fellow designers. After all, history and heritage are to be shared with today’s and future generations of textile designers and professionals. Please note that due to space limitations, we offer access to this museum archive by appointment only.

Cut-Length clients who order by the meter up to 50 meters have priority and free access to this treasure trove to “Create Your Own” collection with our guidance and help.

Our Cut-Length service is one of our main business pillars. With this service, we provide and sell small (cut) length fabrics by the meter for use at selected tailors, e.g. for bespoke tailoring, as opposed to our bulk length business, which includes lengths beyond 50 meters.

Clients for our Cut-Length service can order their selection of fabrics from this website or by selecting from our bunches (swatch books) which we provide on request for free. Fulfillment of Cut-Length orders is very rapid executed within 24/48 hours to any destination in the world meeting our clients' tight time constraints.

Please feel free to order a free bunch/swatch book.