Nativa & Blockchain

Blockchain Technology 

Introducing absolute transparency through Blockchain Technology for 100% traceability. In the often complex global fashion value chain, we've deliberately chosen clear steps for each process, ensuring full traceability in line with our philosophy. This empowers us and you, the consumer, to make well-informed decisions about the garments you choose to invest in.

Blockchain Technology, with its tamper-proof and decentralized database, records transactions across a network of computers. This information is accessible to all network participants and cannot be altered, ensuring complete transparency. These fabrics come with a unique QR code, allowing you to scan and trace the wool's journey from wool to fabric on the NATIVA Blockchain website.

Fully traceable from Farm to Product.  In line with our philosophy, we have full traceability of every step in the production process. This way both Rhea and you as a consumer can make informed decisions about garments you choose to invest in.  We work with Blockchain Technology as a tool to guarantee traceability and transparency along the entire value chain.

Certification & full commitment to Animal Welfare. By choosing one of the NATIVA™️ groups' hand-selected farms, that have been carefully chosen based on their commitment to animal welfare and both environmental and socio-economic practices we eliminate an uncertainty. RWS is a certificate we also carry (this is already part of Nativa)

Environmentally conscious dyeing & finishing saves up to 80 liters of water per garment. We have a fully naturally dyed fabrics as well which can be found in our Eco Traveller Booklet.

Certified recycled materials for our packaging & our shipping boxes.