Our Product

Traceability and transparency are key towards our quest for excellence, innovation and respect for the environment. We use only the finest natural fibers to produce fabrics for jackets, suits, and coats. 

Our mill excelling in the weaving of world-class Cashmere, also produces a range of precious blends of wool with silk, Mongolian cashmere, and linen with unique features.

Our fabric designs are inspired or directly derived from the wealth of our museum archive of predominantly British fabrics dating back to the 1950s, which we combine with the superb Italian textile manufacturing tradition in Biella. Thus we have the unique ability to combine the impressive creativity of the past with our modern, yet classic interpretation of today's style. We dare to be seen!



Our stellar product is Cashmere. Cashmere is known for its extraordinary softness and fineness, resistance and versatility, which makes it the perfect material for remarkable interpretations of creativity and style.

Incredibly soft and yet of great thermic and quality performance. The collection has bold colored tones, natural colors, and British-inspired, sophisticated patterns: a style choice that easily adapts for use in classic apparel and fashion.


Australian Merino also has highly performing thermic and functional features. The fibers range from 15.5 – 19.0 microns. As Merino wool is extremely fine, it has always been the first choice for fine cloths and precious yarns. Australian Merino fleeces are, being extra fine, the most highly prized variety of Merino wool, and thus destined for our high-end, luxury items.